work with me

work with me

Over the last few years, I have developed a passion for endurance activities, long distance walking and running – and it is this idea of the long distance process and the effects on the body and mind that I am particularly interested in. I have experienced physical repetitive movement and can attest to how this can activate a deeper consciousness leading to a more intuitive, creative way of thinking.

My work is underpinned by theory and teachings of ecotherapy and ecopsychology. It is focused on being intentional to forge a more reciprocal relationship with the natural world around us. Nature has proved to be healing and therapeutic. Spending time in the open air relaxes the body, and when combined with movement can expand the mind and provide a space away from every day demands to explore any issues you are having.

my services

outdoor counselling therapy

There are many reasons people seek counselling such as internal struggles, traumatic life events, relationship troubles or just feeling more stressed and anxious than usual as a result of the cumulative effects of twenty-first century living. Through counselling therapy, our focus will be what is happening for you in the present.

My role as a counselling therapist is to facilitate you, the client, on a psychological journey at your own pace. I offer a personalised experience to suit your particular needs. If you feel connected to water, hills, wide open spaces or even an urban setting, I will meet you there. This will help you to connect with the environment and generate new ideas and potential solutions. I will keep a safe and confidential environment for our work to evolve. I also offer remote sessions for those living further afield.

forest bathing

The Japanese practise of forest bathing or Shinrin-yoku, is the simple method of being calm and quiet amongst trees, observing nature, whilst engaging our senses. Forest bathing can help both adults and children de-stress, as well as boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.

The aim is to be mindful, taking the time and care to pay attention to the natural environment around us. I offer prearranged forest bathing sessions and I am happy to provide a tailored workshop for groups and organisations.

trauma-informed counselling therapy for young people

Throughout my career, I have developed a creative, interactive approach in my work that focuses on the mind-body-nature connection to empower and build resilience. Young people can find indoor face to face counselling too directive and intimidating. Through walking, talking therapy, I offer an alternative, providing a non-judgemental safe space for them to explore whatever is living for them, in a more informal setting.

for helping professionals

Compassion fatigue, secondary trauma and burnout are widespread in safeguarding professions. The impact can be the arrival of intrusive thoughts, stress and anxiety and this can affect our capacity to perceive, think clearly, respond and take proper care of ourselves. I provide sessions for professionals to support and gain clarity around these issues and to explore ways to build resilience and self-compassion.

My fees per hour:

Outdoor therapy – £60
Remote – £50

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