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“Stacey is a naturally vibrant person and when I am out running and walking with her, it is such valuable time for me. She has fostered in me a deep appreciation and awareness of the benefits of nature and taught me how to be present and make the most of nature. She listens with such compassion and has always helped me take an overview of a situation and be objective with her non- judgemental approach and kindness. I can honestly say I always feel better and empowered after spending time with Stacey, she has contributed to me making so many positive changes in my life”.
Susie, 45
‘Sisu’ is a Finnish concept to reflect a characteristic of extraordinary determination and courage, especially in the face of adversity. At Sisu Services we are trying to support families to build their inner sisu and Stacey plays a crucial role in this. Her ability to engage people in an authentic and meaningful way, allows families to explore often deep-rooted trauma and start the steps to overcoming this and making lasting positive changes in their lives. Accessing nature and being able to recognise what strength it can bring is often new to our families, but is learning that is carried with them beyond their time with us.  I receive nothing but high praise from the families about the therapy they receive from Stacey. They rightly like and really trust her.”
Cat Coulier, Managing Director SISU Services.
“Stacey’s down to earth and friendly approach makes you feel instantly at ease in her company. We both share a deep appreciation for the outdoors, adventure and nature and to enjoy these experiences together is so fulfilling. Her gentle, coaching approach helps you to better understand yourself, work through and take control of your problems and anxieties and you come away feeling lighter and calmer”.
Antoinette, 40
National Landscapes teams are committed to exploring new ways to open up the outdoors to more people, and here in the Forest of Bowland we share that commitment. 
We’ve been working with Stacey for several years, initially through our Pendle Hill Project and more recently through our Festival Bowland events programme and sustainable tourism activities.  Stacey has led several ‘Mind, Body, Connection’ and forest bathing walks which have helped to raise awareness of the benefits of being in nature and the outdoors, linked to both our physical and mental health and wellbeing. 
The events are always really popular, and Stacey’s friendly and open manner means that participants feel welcome and engaged.   The events provide an opportunity for people to walk and talk and make new friends and connections as well as experience the restorative qualities of time spent in nature, expertly led by Stacey.
Hetty Byrne, Sustainable Tourism Officer
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